Documentary Photography, one the most noble of disciplined photography, holds a special place in our history and our Society. Using their cameras as a tool for social reform, documentary photographers have become the story tellers of our times. They have acted as a balance, uncovering injustice and suffering. Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine, Diane Arbus, W. Eugene Smith have fought for justice and truth. We look at their photographs and see our history. is happy to offer “The Documentary Photography Workshop”. A six weeks Online Photography workshop designed to instruct participants in the art of this great discipline. Focused on a small group of participants (14 max.) this workshop delivers outstanding content in an excellent learning environment.

This workshop takes place in our Virtual Classroom. Weekly assignments and critiques will cover the history, tools and introduce some of the great photographers that have shot photo documentary. Other subjects covered are; editing, the portrait in documentary photography, building the visual story, the message, shooting style. Please see the menus on the left for a description of each class).

Please note that this is a “shooting” workshop. Participants will be expected to take photographs every week to fulfill the weekly assignment. designed the workshop to accommodate shooting time during the week-end, time to edit and delivery of photographs created for a specific assignment by 10AM on the day of Critique.

Come join this workshop, learn to develop a story and capture the photographs to support it and convey your messagevisually. This outstanding workshop on Documentary Photography is opened to anyone with a minimum level of photography skills*. Meeting, Lectures and Critiques take place in our Virtual Classroom. The focus is on improving your Photographic skills and not to just listen to long lecture. Therefore participants will have to shoot on a weekly basis. Please be aware that planning and shooting may require a minimum of two hours (2) a week(except for the day in the life, a bit longer) however shooting may and should take place on a specific week-end.

After a brief introduction to the history, the photographers and the tools of Documentary Photography. Participants will be assigned weekly photography projects. Guidance, support will be offered through constructive criticism of your work.

The “Day in Life” Project

The “Day in the Life” project is one of the Documentary Photography Workshop’s main feature. Every participants will be shooting their project on the same day and in various locations. Shot on Week 4 of this workshop we will review and critique the work from this assignment on Week 5 and have a final presentation on Week 6. Every participants in this Workshop will receive an 8″x10″ coffee table book! That’s right! This book will be produced from the “DAY IN THE LIFE” assignment. A selection of images from each participants in the Photo Documentary Workshop will be included. If a participant decide to not include his/her photographs in the “Day in the Life” Book, he/she will still receive the book.

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