trophies are generally given in lieu of any kind of achievement. It may be in the field of sports, in the field of films and music or may be in the field of education and research. Besides, providing some words of praise or honor for the respective achievements, trophies are also given to commemorate the event that had taken place at any particular time. In some of the trophies, the names of the organizing committee are even seen to be engraved. Whatever, the event may be, it should be kept in mind that the medals and the trophies should be attractive to look at. The design should tally with the purpose of giving the medals.

Simple small sport events are seen to be arranged in the schools, colleges and the universities at different times of the year. In many cases, the winners may even get a chance to participate in the further national and the international rounds. In all these sports, medals are the usual awards. However, in games like baseball and cricket trophies are the best known prizes. Cricket trophies and football trophies are mainly given out annually taking into consideration the player’s performance of the entire year. There are many such trophies that are named by famous persons and given for different category and rounds. Different kind of trophies can also be seen for players of different age groups.

The cricket trophies can be made out of different materials. It may be of metals or of wood. Some trophies that are given for innovative championship may also be made of crystals, glass or sterling silver. Such highly designed trophies give an idea about the workmanship and the skilled effort that the designer has paid to it. Other than trophies, some wooden shields are also seen to be given for sport events. They are generally given when the organizing committee and sponsors have little budget to spend on the event.

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