A Small Discussion on Two Most Innovative Display Techniques: Poster Cases and Clip Frames
Poster cases, often referred to as show boards, are meant to display notices and posters. Created primarily using materials like wood or metal, these items have been around for quiet sometime now. Their range of benefits is so huge that the items have caught the rage already. The case comes with an interior hinge which is very much operable and even accounts for a removable mat. These cases are available in different designs and patterns. However, the illuminable variety which features florescent lighting and backlit display is, by far, the most popular item around. Needless to point out, the items are meant for use during nighttime. They lit up places like movie theatres or pubs where the need for light is minimal.

The most important bit about poster cases is that they keep items protected and secure. Locked inside these cases, the poster will retain all its usual features. There are countless examples of cases where these items are used for outdoor and indoor displays. Therefore, they can also serve as indirect tools of advertisement. As far as it concerns maintenance, you require very little effort.

clip frames are basically frameless frames which you can use to hang pictures effectively. Their biggest USP lies in the fact that these items will display and highlight the picture in its entirety without hampering the latter’s appeal. This is the most important reason why the items have caught the rage already. Like poster cases, the frames come in varying shapes and designs.

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