Whatever the reason that led you to search for indoor photography tips – to shoot a space that you want to put up for sale, or to capture and share your latest house renovation pictures, indoor photography techniques and styling are of utmost importance.

These interior photography tips will reveal how you can shoot space the way pros do!

Interior Photography Tips #1 – Determine the Type of Interior Photography You Are Up For

What is your objective of photographing interiors? Photographing architectural designs and lifestyle interiors are 2 different types of interior photography.

Photographing architectural designs holds its purpose to showcase the design and layout of that certain space. Photographing interior lifestyle however, focuses on conveying the vibe and ambience to viewers of the photographs.

Interior Photography Tips #2 – It Is Best To Use a Tripod

Whenever possible, always use a tripod to conduct interior photography. Examples of situations that disallow you to use a tripod are photographing in a very tight space and certain areas where it is indeed impossible for you to set up a tripod.

When it comes to interior photography, it is very important that your pictures turn out sharp. This includes the foreground and the background of the scene. This is an essential tip of interior photography, unless of course you have a different or specific intention with your interior photography attempts that you may do otherwise.

Long exposures work well with interior photography attempts because nothing moves since interiors are still-life images. When you use a stable tripod, you gain access to longer exposure times.

When you use your tripod, align the camera on the tripod well to avoid the results of your interior photographs from looking somewhat unprofessional because of a little tilt.

Interior Photography Tips #3 – Take Time to Get the Best Angle

When you’re photographing a room, be sure to focus on its strongest points. Whatever it is that stands out the most and is unique in that room or building, photograph it.

For instance, if you happen to be photographing an ultra modern interior, it only makes sense that you shoot the architectural details. However, if you’re photographing a British colonial-style interior, be sure to photograph the unique decorations, cornices as well as wood details.

Stand and shoot from the corner of the room you are photographing so that the majority of the room is included into the photo. Photographing space with an angle from the middle of the room isn’t normally the best angle you can get.

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