Here are a few suggestions to keep you on the right track when you are writing informative content for your emails:

• Make it timely: Some of the most effective email based marketing campaigns are ones that cash in on hot new trends or breaking news stories. However, if you are writing emails based on trends and news events, you should be prepared to move on to other s trategies quickly, once the current buzz about your topic dies down.

• Make it funny! Some of the best marketing out there is based on funny stories and/or jokes. People love to share a new joke with friends and family.

• Make it original: People aren’t going to take the time to share your email if it looks similar or identical to something they have seen before. While you are planning your email marketing campaign, be sure to do some research online and look for similar information that’s already out there.

• Make it simple: Whether your target audience is children or brain surgeons, the KISS rule applies – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

• People everywhere value their time and they certainly don’t want to be wading through a pile of complex information and struggling to find something that’s relevant to them and their situation. Whether you emails are about raising turtles or building rocket accelerators, give your readers the “payoff” up front. Make your emails easy and fun to read, and they will reward you with plenty of referrals!

• Keep product plugs subtle: Of course, your second goal after convincing readers to share the valuable information in your emails is to gather potential customers for your other products and services. To this end, it’s perfectly natural – and acceptable – for you to mention those products and services, and even include links to web pages where potential customers can learn more about them and make purchases.

• The key to including product plugs in a successful email marketing campaign is to keep them subtle and make sure they don’t interfere with the overall message you are delivering.

Inform and Entertain

In the end, if you write your email with the main goal of informing and entertaining your readers, you are sure to create something that will get passed on. Help your readers, and they will help you in return!

Email Marketing Strategy

Decide exactly what action you want readers to take

Now that we’ve discussed ways to make sure your emails are appealing, it’s time to make sure that they will be effective as well.

After all, it’s great to write emails that get passed around the web…but if they don’t accomplish anything else, it’s not exactly effective, is it?

Keep in mind, also, that your emails must be personalized for them to be taken seriously by your customers. Therefore, you must request information from people – at least their email address and their name.

Email marketing should not be just an add-on to your marketing efforts. It should be seen and used for the cost-effective, marketing tool that it is.

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