poster cases, or otherwise known as show boards, are perfect for displaying posters and notices. It is usually made up of metals or wood, but the metal ones have gained more popularity recently. It has an interior hinge that opens and a removable mat. There are normal poster frames and the ones that can be illuminated which consists of a florescent lighting that creates backlit display. Thus, these are during night time and at places that are generally darker, like clubs, movie theaters, etc.

The best feature about poster frames are that they can be locked without hampering the material inside. It can be also be used for indoor and outdoor displays because of its weatherproof feature. Its price depends upon the type of case you choose. As for the maintenance, all you need to do is wipe it, but if there is a problem with the lights then the entire thing has to be uninstalled.

clip frames are frameless frames that can be hanged with four clips on each edge. It is available in different sizes and is usually made up of light weight metals or plastic that has a glass protector to protect the image. Due to its diversity in shape both portrait and landscape images can be hung. It is cheap and low maintenance, all you need to do is wipe the glass.

When it comes to buying, you can buy it from companies that manufactures it .There are online stores too which enables you to order it from any part of the world. For the delivery and installation purposes stores may send their representatives to do the job for you. In case of online product they will deliver it to you as for the installation it depends upon the company where you buy it from. Most companies do have return policies if the product is damaged.

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