photoboothThe ultimate photo booth is now available from UK Photo Booth. Rent it to entertain all ages, at all occasions or buy one and make a living out of making people smile.

Many people say the photo booth hire Perth is making a resurgence but that is not true. It never went out of fashion in the first place. The difference is that now the photo booth will come to you.

For decades, more than eighty years in fact, people went to the mall, funfair or beach and for many the highlight was the visit to the Photo Booth. The ‘4 for 25ȼ’ booth was as popular as the hot dog stand or the candy floss machine and even in this digital age, it still is.

Today, even our telephones take pictures and high tech photographic equipment is well within the financial scope of most people and yet anywhere you see a photo booth you see a crowd.

The director Brett Ratner had a photo booth installed in his home and A list celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage and Chelsea Clinton, people who have had plenty of reason to fall out of love with the camera, cannot resist climbing into the booth to ham it up and clown around.

Why are we so in love with the fun photo booth Edinburgh? Why does a fun photo booth produce such iconic and candid photographs?

Many psychologists and behavioral experts believe that it is because we are posing for our selves.

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