Photography-1There are a few basic keys to a successful photography website

Photography Website – Key #1

Establish Credibility: present your qualifications, achievements and credentials and a quality portfolio. Only show your best! The most significant message you can deliver to your potential client is your work. Whatever samples that they see of your work, it must be your best. Even if it means displaying a very few number of photos – so be it. Only show your best work!

Photography Website – Key #2

User Friendliness: everybody is not web savvy – make it simple for your photography website visitors to navigate – they shouldn’t have to click backward to go forward, etc. Neither should they have to wait for slow loading graphics or flash files. Avoid cluttered layouts.

Design Note: Although most photographs present well on a black background, white text on a black background is very dis tracting. Too many photographers make their photography website too ‘artsy’ and‘cool.’ Most of the text that your potential client reads is black text on a white background. Studies have proven that black text on white is the most easily read. Don’t let your ‘creative’ ego stand in the way of the public’s awareness of you and your work. Don’t let your ego steer your photography business. Let common sense be your guide.

Photography Website – Key #3

Include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section: This is a very valuable tool for you and your business. The questions answered will be questions that you have answers to. They will be questions that most potential clients might not think to ask but will appreciate the answers. By anticipating your customer’s needs for information, you will write and answer the questions. This is a chance to add facts that don’t fit neatly on your other web pages.

For example, you can include:

• Portrait planning tips
• Location ideas
• Theme ideas
• Photo processing services

Include as much information as you can possibly come up with to answer the questions your prospect has in their heads. This will be a great opportunity to assist and guide your prospect. You will be perceived as professional and someone they will want to do business with and recommend.

Photography Website – Key #4

Website Promotion: There are really no secrets or tricks to successful website promotion. There are practical steps that actually work. But, they aren’t a secret and the steps do not involve tricks. There is a process called “search engine optimization.” This term refers to doing things to your website that make them at tractive to search engines (most people using the internet for information use search engines). When your photography website is properly optimized its high ranking in search engines at tract pre-qualified and targeted potential customers visiting your website.

Keep it simple. A regular website without a lot of text is unacceptable. A photography website without a lot of text is not only acceptable but is seen as a statement that the photographer is willing to let the images speak for themselves. By building your own website, you will learn how to add the ingredients to optimize your website. In the meantime, you can get by with your photos (only your best), your contact information, your qualifications (organizations, education, awards, etc.).

Photography Website – Key #5

Sell: Ouch! Selling shouldn’t hurt. Too many Canberra photographers are afraid of selling. They seem to think it is beneath them or a negative thing. The sad truth is that there are so-so photographers that are extremely successful in the photography business while there are also great, great photographers that can’t afford to pay for coffee from their photography businesses. The so-so photographers are willing to do what others aren’t willing to do – they are willing to tell the story (their photography business message). Selling is simply offering a fair and beneficial service. The more you tell the better you sell. You can’t be afraid to tell the virtues of your service by making offers, pointing out benefits and then backing up those benefits with the features. People are suspicious of salespeople who don’t tell enough information. That’s why your photography website is the perfect opportunity to sell and have the site do most of the selling for you by using an informative approach that over deliver services and value to your customers.

Your website should be a reflection of what your business is. You can’t add anything to your website message that conflicts with the reality that already exists. If you offer great service and products and have a great reputation in the community, your  photography website will be an extension of that message.

A website will not magically create anything for you. You must have something to offer. This is your business message. It is what makes you and your photography business different from all of the others. Your photography website is merely a delivery method of your message. An extension of you and your studio.

Take a good look at what exactly your business message is. What is your typical client like? How do they usually buy from you? These are basic, yet significant questions that will reveal more information for you to use in your marketing tool arsenal.

Remember, your website is an ad, and advertising is selling. Selling is telling. Telling is serving. And serving is informing. Treat each and everyone of your customers as if they are your best client and that you want to over deliver for them every time that you see them. Then do it.

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