A parent would be proud of his child’s achievement. Little kids are parents’ pride and so reaching the smallest milestone would be cherished like anything. Therefore, stuff like award medals is considered honour of recognition for a child’s talent.

If your child were raking in too many awards, then the ideal thing would be to display them for others. Filling your wall with meaningful adornments and decorating them in the most fashionable manner would mean grabbing of more eyeballs. However, the question is how to display your achievements, which are in the form of trophies, medals and pins. You might use some useful techniques, which have been discussed for your knowledge enhancement.

First, start by using frames. Framing is the best thing to enhance the look of the award medals. It gives more meaning to your child’s achievement. If you child has achieved tons of medals, then the right thing to do is collect all the medals and stock them to one board so as to display them on a bigger platform, but all in one place.

You might choose simple frames, or might opt for shadow boxes. The framing will help in to collect all the medals together and manifest those in one go. The shadow boxes are considered convenient, since you can open the front glass covering and add extra medal in it. If you love to live in the spick and span environment then cleaning or dusting the medals at regular interval is important. In that case, hang the medals, which will bring out a more prominent display. Use decorative or plain hooks to enhance the show of the achievements.

The most intriguing display would be to encase the medals in glass cabinets. This is a great idea, since you can store the glass cabinets in long hallway to make it look more conspicuous. For instance, you might use a coffee table cabinet where you can display the medals and at the same time use the top of the cabinet for keeping mugs.plaque engraving on the medals enhances the preciousness of the achievement. Therefore, make sure that the engraving is visible distinctly from any kind of framing or encasing.

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