Amateur Photographer Resources to Help You Critique Your Work

Photography groups and forums have been and continue to be very valuable resources for honest critiques of my work. All photographers, especially the amateur photographer, must continue to strive for quality. Continuous shooting and critiquing develops quality as well as develops skills of the photographer.

Some of my current favorite photography groups/forums websites are:

Photo Galaxy: I like the forums at this website. They don’t allow much photo space. But, there are other benefits for photographers.

PhotoSig: This website is a favorite of mine because of the photo critiques that members give each other’s work. When I have time, I participate in critiquing other photographer’s work. I find that it helps me to look more critically at my own work. I have also submitted my photography website to their directory (as I do to many other photography directories) and received a significant amount of traffic as a result.

Amateur Photographer Resources to Help You Show Your Work

One of the major advantages of the development of digital technology is online photo sharing. It is so popular that free online sharing is offered all over the internet. For the amateur photographer, this is very good. Taking advantage of the online photo sharing helps you to put your work along with the work of other photographers. This, in itself, is a major boost to the confidence of an amateur photographer.

Two of the largest online photo sharing sites are Both are free. And both will in troduce the amateur photographer to the very vast and very varied ‘world of photography.’ I have a blast on these sites. I belong to both. Both are communities made up of amateur photographers. All are different. The only thing in common is our “passion” for photography!

If you think that you want to shoot pictures; show your work; let others see your work; and (possibly, if they are interested) allow people to purchase your work, you need to try SmugMug . There are many other companies like SmugMug . But, very, very few of the companies can even begin to match the customer service of SmugMug . Trust me, even though you don’t think that you will sell many photos, you cannot afford to project an inadequate image as a photographer. SmugMug automates all of that for you! And, they provide you with unlimited space to upload and share your photos online.

Yes, it’s possible to be an amateur photographer and make your photography work available for sale. Many event photographers , pet photographers and family photographers use SmugMug for this process.

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